Cape Cannibal Skull Island Apocalypse

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“Totally degenerate, B-movie fuelled riff battery, a stumbling, malevolent thug-noise monstrosity somewhere between Skullflower and Brainbombs ! Holy f*** !! We had never heard of this band prior to receiving the disc from Amanita, but the cyclical, retardo-krautrock-on-percocets thud that oozed out of the C-Blast stereo had us swooning. Segments of assorted grindhouse cinema and b-film dialogue cut-ups are smeared across hideous neanderthaloid feedback wrangling and looped distortion gunch. Gorgeous muzak bliss is ground, hamburger-like, into the concrete by a brain-damaged Godflesh riff set on endless repeat. Synth freakin, trance-inducing drums, exploding electronic tracers. You could almost call parts of this “free jazz” , if it wasn’t drooling on you so heavily. A fuzz n’ filth encrusted bass guitar slaps all steppers to the wall. Even the freaking drums sound like they’re connected to a fuzz-box. Mutoid subterranean buzzsaw howl pounds at what little is left of your spirit. Apparently this is the sole full length album that this UK outfit spurted out, circa 1995, and includes some WAYYY out of print cassette only tracks. Stefan Jaworzyn ( Skullflower ) contributes some smartass liner notes. We love discoveries like this, especially when it turns out to be a crushing orgy of free-skronk sludge and horror movie inspired tape-loop dementia/psychedelia !from shock: “A group first unearthed on the White Trash Motherf***ers comp. Cosmonauts are described as “…hideously over the top fuzz bass and fuzz drums (maybe some fuzz guitar too) accompanying some of the wildest Satanic tape sh*t/cut-ups you’ll have the good fortune to tune into, ultimately achieving a level of orgiastic dunderhead riff monster intensity unheard since something or other…””

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