Drid Machine

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Compilation LP featuring Abuseman, Bjerga/Iversen, Brutal Blues, Freddy The Dyke, Gaute Granli, Anders Hana, Mett, NMO, Noxagt, Pokemachine, Solens Barn, Staer, Ultralyd, Witchface. Only one non-exclusive track! 4 colour screen printed sleeve.

“Just played the Drid Machine lottery and picked 14 winners in a row. Killer collection out of Norway by way of KFJC ally Noxagt (they contribute a track and Kjetil Brandsdal from that band is the chief druid behind Drid.)
1) noise concrete goes dub to start, to shart…
2) Anders Hana (still way too underappreciated with some kind of goth Jezebel vocals in the swirl).
3) percussion theme continues Gaute Granli with the martial snare rhythm before guitar crescendos.
4) Anders returns as a drumming half of Pokemachine, aiming for the ears and shooting Lightning Bolts in ‘em. Pogo Voco Mania! Gets kinda stony Thronesy at the end.
5) With that the drummer dies and an Imaginary Rock Band arises a pretty flickering oasis of electronics tight segue coming up, DJ you’ve been warned.
6) the drummer revived for the might Staer, heavy as any Daughter and instrumentally set for slaughter. Great drums on this. Possibly the heaviest of the songs on this!
7) Witchface comes to rescue you pure impure punk fans with a sleazy slider, drunk on seventh chords and ineapple vodka with the distorto-phonic vocals you need.

And that’s one side, you could call it a day and be good but

8) robot with hiccups or Christian Marclay in two persons or maybe if techno were all gritty and oily and not just clean wires? Kicking off the experimantra side in fine style.
9) farting hovercraft built with a tuba and alien metal the lady pilot (Urd J Pedersen) sings in English
parks on the dance floor, flirts or taunts or both? boom Boom BooM BOOM! Hey mangled guitar wizardry at the end
METT may be my favourite, this is their KFJC debut!
10) Freddy the Dyke, I am going to guess this is a Norwegian cartoon character for kids TV. Turns out this art damaged pop breakfast ends up being a massive meal.
11) Banking rock guitar off the invisible forcefields Ultralyd Ultrahits the Ultraspot again quick and gone.
12) manic math rock with the space phasers to close baby’s gpt them high speed Brutal Blues.
13) Noxagt – not angst – got axe – now exacting Jackson Pollock splatter almost felt like two songs fighting over one, nuff said, but not enough played.
14) Abuseman is back after an initial Greatest Hits pygmies on pluto? bokonon no 1? I’m not sure where the field recordings stop and the layering starts or vice versa, but international noise conspiracies are great.

This record is a good argument for broadcasting a Stavanger festival, the album splits sort of into two halves, the first drum-driven heavy but not slow rock, and the second a more tweaked, twisted take with still heaviness. There’s a unifying element to the fine diversity here. Stavanger sound? Even the city’s name, Stavanger… starve for anger, stay anchor, scavengers rings in my mind after this excellent comp.” -Thurston Hunger