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“In 2010, Ben Frost, Tim Hecker and I played a show together in Belgrade for the final Dis-Patch festival. It was a pretty stellar eve, made all the more profound by Daniel Rejmer. Whilst I had heard about him on copious occasions before this meeting, it wasn’t until after experiencing his work that I came to grips with his true talents. That particular evening, he kindly did front of house for myself, tim and Ben (whom he works with in a pretty much full time capacity these days). What he managed to do, was create an incredible arc of density and sound from his position at front of house that was simply remarkable.

A year or so back, Daniel very kindly sent me a set of recordings, those you hear on this cassette edition. What struck me about the material is the sheer physicality it suggests. Layers of textural noise competing to drown one another in a spectral battle that is both intoxicating and fatiguing – in the best possible ways. Daniel’s abilities to craft sound are amongst the best of his generation and it’s of no surprise to me that his work with Ben Frost has become a central focus of his time.

I’m very pleased to share this little blast of noise with you all. Play at volume and ideally with speakers that can vibrate like hell.” Lawrence English, October 2014