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“Collection 1 is a compilation of unreleased material from 2001-2004. The band then consisted of Nils Erga on viola alongside the current rhythm section. COLLECTION 1 contains tracks from the first, unreleased NOXAGT album recorded in 2001. It also includes a live recording featuring producer Billy Anderson on vocals, a track from a 2004 Peel Session and much more. The LP comes in a 4-colour screen printed cover.”

“Noxagt’s Collection 1 features a funny story on the back written by some horrible Creed wannabe band called Hundred Reasons, who blame Noxagt for ruining their gig at the Glastonbury Festival by emptying the venue by playing “…200 decibels of the worst one-note free-form rubbish you’ve ever heard in your life.” I can think of a hundred reasons why Noxagt have more talent in their little finger than this fucking brit band. Well, I can’t think of a hundred, but fuck those guys. I’m sure Hundred Reasons have heard that before anyhow. Moving on…

The cover features a photo from the road of a shadowy tour van cruising down the highway, surely on their way to melt people’s faces off at some gig. It’s about all we get by way of tour photos, but seven of the ten songs on this record are live. The tracks all date back to 2001-2004, making it mostly a live collection, but a superb one at that.

Let’s break this down track by track as usual:

The record starts out with the manic “Love Transfusion”, a track from Noxagt’s 2001 unreleased first record called “Saemon Box” which makes for a good start and sets the tone for what’s to come. The next two tracks (“Thurmaston/Karsk My Bitch Up”) are taken from the solid Checkpoint Charlie live tape from last year. “Powerchild” follows as the first of two tracks recorded live at the Quart Festival in 2002, The sound quality is pretty decent here.

You know that song you hear for the first time and your adrenaline kicks into high gear, then you listen to the song about 20 times in a row at full volume? Well “Titanic” is a song like that. (Kind of like the feeling I got when I heard “Drittstilk” from the split 7”.) Taken from the Peel Session they recorded in 2004, “Titanic” is the only song of three that’s released on this album. I don’t know why the rest haven’t been released before, but I bet the BBC got their grubby little hands on the rights of a ton of unreleased Peel Sessions and are hard pressed to give them up cheap. Shame on them for not making them easily available for release by the artists. I’m sure John Peel would have wanted that anyhow. Plain and simply, this is a MASSIVE track. It alone is worth buying the entire record. The drums, bass and viola are perfect, the bass lines are fucking impressive– Noxagt at their peak during this band constellation.
Next up we get a nice version of “Mek it burn” recorded live in London. Pretty good recording quality here; hope this will become a live tape at some point.

Side B starts with Nils Ergas viola and rhythm section (Brandsdal – bass and Lauritzen – drums) creating a short, but great (what I assume is a) homage to Egyptian singer and composer Mohammed Abdel Wahab. “Abdel-Wahab” is a fantastic hypnotic track, also from the unreleased Saemon Box album.
Another live track from the Quart Festival in 2002 is next. “Gravy & Blood” is another fine documentation of the band on stage. “Piranha” is recorded live on the radio in the states; unreleased until now. Last track on this compilation LP is the 2003 live version of “Acasta Gneiss” from the Kill yr. Ego tape from last year featuring vocals by Billy Anderson.

Only negative thing, is the absence of more tracks from Saemon Box and Peel Session. I wouldn’t mind some demo tracks as well. This just being “Collection 1”, I hope more will show up at a later date. All tracks here feature the “classic lineup” with Nils Erga on viola that helped make Noxagt the household name they became in the 2000s. Looking forward to Collection 2 that I assume will feature the awesome guitar work of Anders Hana. This collection came out at the same time as the first Noxagt release since 2008 called Brutage. Collection 1 is a damn fine documentation of the band and is definitely worth picking up alongside a copy of Brutage; both out now on Drid Machine.”