Harsh Whelm

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“Saboteuse is the duo project of Andy Jarvis and Joincey who brew up their very own concoction of bastard noise-pop on this tape.
Here’s a short bio from their own pen:
AJ1 and AJ2 came up with SABOTEUSE in 2005 as a looser and more ‘naughty’ aside to related ‘collective’ sound project SCULPTRESS. Since then they have released eight albums, HARSH WHELM being the eighth, and “Death, Of Course”, the ninth, release details tbc. The two handsome gentlemen of Stoke On Trent met musically in 1995 during ANA PLANETA and have also played, together, in DOGLIVEROIL, WAGSTAFF/JARVIS, ASYMPTOTEM, and A WARM PALINDROME. AJ1 currently has a wife, child and dog and plays drone/feedback metal in NIHIL with ‘JUMBO’ JIM BRINDLEY (also of SCULPTRESS) while AJ2 attempts to recruit drummers for an OAWRE 7-inch.”