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A side: 45rpm / B side: 33rpm

“This is literally a fucked up record.
Here you have all the classics traces of a Billy Bao record (freaky punk, digital fuckery, conceptual disturbances, anger and desperation) but pushed so far to the point that it generates physical destruction: at the end of side A there is a digital sonification of the economic flash crash that was provoked by high frequency trading on the stock market in 2010. Its negativity has been inscribed into the actual situation of making this record as this sonic transcription burned the head of the cutter while the lacquer was being cut. Who knows? Perhaps this is Billy Bao’s way to improvise with the means of production!
If on side B you can hear the results of cutting this record with a fucked head (the weird high pitch, for example), there is also the sound of a music emanating from a group of people who will not let market forces dictate their future, including the great Tokyo based musician Taku Unami imagining the sound of self-abolition.
Out of the ruins of destroyed rock, some other kind of irreputable music emerges in order to roughen the surface of a contested present.”