Brain Pussyfication Sampler III

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“This body of work, is free and encouraged to be copied and distributed illegally as much as possible.

All the music is given in return of three hard copies of this compilation. The hard copies consist of empty c90 tapes which are provided with the archive link, where you are reading this text. There have been initially a total of 150 unnumbered copies made available, but then again, if you are holding one in your hands, that means you can produce as many as you want. There is enough space on the tapes to put more sounds, the cover illustration file free to be used as a base, realized by Vincent Pernollet. Below you’d find the exact text of the initial 150 copies, and the tracklist.”


For the hardest listening experience turn the volume of your stereo up.

Side A

Les Conférences Bunker – ELECTRONQ

Marcela Lucatelli – I Want You Hot

MAW – Aiming Low

Facialmess x Call Lyall x BEEATSZ – [notitle]

SKAAR – Excerpt from MultiNO !V

WOW – El Puente Luvaluva

Urano – [notitle]

PGR x Kazehito – Quick Honeymoon

Fracasse de Bergerac – FDB


TZII – Tanpa Daging

Unprofessional – Less Speed, More Core!

Marta Zapparoli – Flies In Subfornical Organ

[2 hidden tracks]

Side B

Fracasse de Bergerac – Mayo Junatre

Dr. Nexus – Songs for the Trees (re-worked)


MAW – Bunny Hunger

Les Conferences Bunker – DRMKBK

Guaio Eterno – Merda

LYNX – More Harm Than Habit

Greta Christiansen – It’s Not In My Head

I M M – Suito Evolution

[2 hidden tracks]

You have obtained one of the master tapes of this compilation. Feel free to make as many copies you’d like, alter, overdub, fuck it up any way you’d like to do so. There is enough space to put your own favourite recent productions and make a collaborative release with your own nonexisting label. If you’re going to try to make money with it good luck, and if you manage contact Brain Pussyfication to tell how you managed. If you tried to listen to the tape before reading what’s written here, you might have been surprised. In any case, here is the link to high quality files you can use to dub this tape.