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“ET\OU arose from the convergence of two giants of current Canadian music: Martin Tétreault, a dazzling turntablist of international renown; and Michel Langevin, the famed drummer of the legendary progressive metal band, VOIVOD.

For this promising duo’s first LP and CD, ORAL and MINUTE have teamed up to introduce this unique partnership to all lovers of thundering sounds and electrifying performances. The intensity of their studio compositions and wide-open dialogues are unique and unmatched.

Michel Langevin is a drummer who made his mark in both heavy metal (over 25 years with the Jonquière band VOIVOD) and alternative music (numerous collaborations); the sheer physicality of his performances has left no listener indifferent. Martin Tétreault, known worldwide for his use of turntables, diverse surfaces and stringed instruments, is an experienced improviser with countless collaborations to his credit.

This “super group” has been in the making for several years. The pair’s first encounter dates back to April 12, 2007, at the 100% Batterie! event based on Martin Tétreault’s concept of playing exclusively drum solos on vinyl, and bringing together nine drummers in the same hall (Michel Langevin among them). Since then, the duo has performed on several occasions in Quebec, each highly memorable.

The two musicians have developed a sound that combines their respective practices, with a heavy accent on rhythm, percussion and tangled masses of sound that emerge from their vibrant exchanges. Sharing a clear musical affinity, each is open to the world of the other in a collaborative dynamic.

Martin Tétreault is here powerfully and abrasively percussive, while Michel Langevin approaches the drums as a complete instrument, a source of rhythmic variations and unusual textures. The range of possibilities thus expands for each instrumentalist. From this collision of musical genres and cross-pollination of practices, new approaches emerge, new avenues of diversity and creativity.

The compositions on these two disks, each available at the launch, were recorded in May 2013 at Studio Resther in Montreal and mixed in December 2013. They reflect the work of two musicians who complement each other rather than engage in a duel. With their extraordinary musical dialogues, accelerations, dynamic contrasts and unbridled energy, the two disks will simply take your breath away.”