Hollow Body

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“In general, I don’t compose things strictly; my score is really just the circuit that I hook up before the show, the arrangement of objects and equipment. I will have an idea of what I want to start with, but the unfolding of the performance is a discovery of listening to what happens with the interplay of signals in the room, more than spewing forth a pre-planned masterpiece. Visceral discovery would be one way of describing what I do. The Hollow Body guitar I use is the cheapest one I could find, and came from a desire to use something that was an evolved instrument, and not a homemade object like I often use. I practice very little with it. At first attempt it did what I wanted it to do, so I let the learning happen spontaneously live in concert and the instrument evolved into something I called the Slack Ass’d Hollow Body, changing it to Ultra-Slack’d when I want to be proper. The strings are as loose as they can be while still retaining their ability to resonate, so it is a feedback machine on par with volcanos and earthquakes. If i ever get another one i’ll look for an electric dobro which i would probably call El Terremoto (a play on the Spanish flamenco singer La Terremoto, who is a favourite around the house). I also installed speaker drivers on the back of the body, so the body makes sound like a speaker, which encourages the feedback with the PA, with a small amp that I keep on my table, or with the speaker drivers. The sound can go from hellaciously huge and gnarly, to tiny and tinny and whinny.”