With Helpful Hands

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“In our ongoing quest for music from the home of Alain Neffe and Insane Music Contact, we are extremely proud to release this CD. For about thirty years now, we at Plinkity Plonk have been great fans of the music of Pseudo Code, a trio of Alain Neffe, Guy Hinant and Xavier S. Electronic, minimal, desperate, lonely, frightful, and simply beautiful. Music that can only be fully identified as Potlatch Music. Over the past thirty years a number of releases have been available displaying their unique sound, but very few of them show the side of Pseudo Code as active members of the cassette network. ‘With Helpful Hands’ fills this gap with four pieces which the band recorded in 1981 and 1982 with friends from the network: Stefan Barbery (of Digital Dance and Instead Of), Daniel Malempre (of M.A.L., Human Flesh and Subject), Renaud Janson (of Storm In A Nutshell), Nadine Bal (of Bene Gessserit) and Van Kaye & Ignit (of the legendary Ding Dong label). Clocking in at about one hour of new and previously unreleased recordings from one of Belgium’s best kept secrets.

Design by Meeuw. Card wallet sleeve. Edition of 300 copies.”