The Cold Rush

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“Eins:Zwei:Acht is back and exhilarated to welcome in its ranks LUMINANCE, the rising star of the new Belgian Angst Wave. “The Cold Rush” brings together on wax two outstanding recordings, and well deserving of the vinyl format: Luminance’s half of the split cassette with Acapulco Hunters released in 2014 on Wool E-Tapes, and “Wait”, a digital three-tracker from 2015, featuring Agent Side Grinder’s Kristoffer Grip on guest vocals. Both have been revised and remixed into a coherent album in its own right, deep and gripping, with two completely new tracks, including the mind-blowing dance floor killer “Martyr”. Be aware: once you take the plunge, there is no escaping those cold, dark and oh so mesmerizing waters.”

A1. Treibsand 2:27
A2. Raised To Forget 5:04
A3. Human After All 4:45
A4. Seeds 3:58
A5. Contact 1:35
A6. The Crystal Gates 2:25
B1. Away 6:22
B2. Testamente 5:13
B3. Martyr 4:36
B4. Colours in Solitude 5:34