Does Time Affect Memory?

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French independent label from Biarritz.
Artwork by Pakito Bolino from Le Dernier Cri micro publishing in Marseille, France.

“This double CD spans weirdo music from across Europe and the States, most of it be people and bands I’ve never heard of. It’s standard left-fields stuff, from guitar driven industrial, to jazz tinged experimentation to deranged electronics. The danger with this kind of compilation is that the dross outweighs the good stuff, making the collection either tedious and worthy or else unlistenable after a couple of plays, in this case though the mixture of styles makes the whole thing listenable again and again. T are outstanding tracks from Phased 4º (formerly Mercury 4º), Fin de Sciecle (remixed by Bourbonese Qualk), Trottel, Keukhot and Pest . Also worth a mention are tracks by Headbutt and Feuhler. Best title goes to the Splatter Trio for their tracks ‘Base Five Curly Motherf***er’. All in all this definitely worth a listen.”

01. Splatter Trio – Base Five Curly Motherfucker
02. Fuehler – Am Werk
03. Anderson, Ron – Good For One Drink
04. RWA – Ecorces Bien Sucées
05. Miss Murgatroid – Ballad Of The Panatonic
06. Scrooge – Floss
07. Shunatao – Cowgirl
08. Phased 4° – U.F.O. (Uncontrollable Feedback Orgy)
09. Circle – Argont
10. Figurehead – Hum hum humble man
11. Badgewearer – Uncle Hectic Brew
12. Zuno Men – Nobody Knows
13. D.A.R.K. – Hacked Off
14. Happy New Year – Love Song
15. TV Pow – Excess Energy Dropped Through Bolt Locks
01. Climax Golden Twins – Vote Robot Remix
02. Konic Thtr – Dolly
03. Gino Robair – Song For Dr Sagan
04. Raeo – Blackout
05. Voodoo Muzak – Define Rmx
06. Spaceheads – Those Stately Fools In Granite Ships
07. Fin De Sciècle – Jungle – Burbonese Qualk Remix
08. Headbutt – Iceberg Dynamite
09. The Molecules – Tour For The Door
10. Trottel – Western/Eastern Cowboys
11. Keuhkot – Olen Tässä
12. Pest – Slomo
13. Nid – Snygg Exteriör Men Svag Motor (Impotent Apollon)