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Christian Vialard: synthesizer, electric organ, guitar, voices, drum machines and field recordings.
Fred Bigot: electric organ, electric guitar, bass, oud, drum machines and synthesizers.

“Christian Vialard started playing music by creating abstract compositions and musical experiments, somewhere between Noise and Post Rock. He likes to talk about Morton Feldman and Steve Reich as his major
influences without forgetting Suicide, Brian Eno or Einstürzende Neubauten. He is the founder of Tiramizu, an
experimental music label working with many experimental music artists (Kira Kira, Eddie Ladoire, Kasper
T.Toeplitz, Sébastien Roux, Li Jiaong, Laurent Dailleau, Charlemagne Palestine).
For its first release on Grautag Records (Berlin) entitled Neuklam, he chooses to put aside electronic music
to focus on electric instruments. Fred Bigot brought his help to find the right tone to the release. The double vinyl was composed between the shores of the French Riviera and at The Padded Cell, Fred Bigot‘s studio in the Neukölln district in Berlin. The album has become the meeting point of these two universes, creating a strange, undefined object, a musical cruise spreading out of a shabby convertible while driving in the freezing cities of old Europe.

On stage, Neuklam is a duo: Christian Vialard and Fred Bigot who plays guitar and rhythms. The two artists have strongly decided to keep on with their collaboration under the same name.

Fred Bigot is a musician and a composer who studied art and has worked with numerous artists such as Kasper T.Toeplitz, Miss le Bomb, Marina Ribatski (ex- Bondo de Role), Felix Kubin, Stereolab, Adult. J.G Thirwell, Gerhard Potuznik, Khan, Nicolas Moulin, Anu Pennanen, Pauline Curnier-Jardin.”