Spettro Family, Klaus Legal, Gosia Bartosik – Split

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Limited edition of 320 hand-numbered copies. White 7″ vinyl, 45rpm, b&w labels. Housed in a 4-panel booklet, two-sided offset print on 190g recycled paper. Comes with two 15x15cm cards, one-sided b&w offset print on 300g recycled paper. Download coupon included.

New edition published by Le Petit Mignon featuring yet another unexpected tripolar collaboration between remarkable artists: Stefano Iannone as his vampire personified project Spettro Family, French nomad-musician Pavel Viry under his moniker Klaus Legal and Polish painter Gosia Bartosik.

Keen on long nocturnal walks in the forest, Spettro Family certainly unveiled over these three pieces a liking for the interplay between lights and shadows, plunging layers of synthesizer tinted with break beats sometimes into a languishing obscurity, sometimes into the moonlight’s blurry glare. The Italian composer blends this vintage cocktail of psychotropic plants and amber bourbon with cinephilic references and winks to his native Mediterranean province’s sun, the blinding rays of a dense and sharp post-industrial space disco. Since 2008 and his appearance in the world of the living, Spettro Family has performed and toured in Europe and the US. He has also published several releases on his own imprint Vade Retro, as well as a handful of established underground labels such as, Reue Um Reue (Germany), Black Horizons (US) or TimeSlave Recordings (UK).

Klaus legal, is the coffee-addict migratory bird of the French experimental scene. Tirelessly, he strides across the roads of the entire world to spread his stream of electric energy, nourishing himself from his itinerant experiences to enrich his music with new influences. Among his most recent publications you may have to look towards electro-acoustic and post-industrial music, the two older pieces documented here splatter the slopes of both the early years of the industrial music and post-punk, wisely playing bit by bit with the clichés of both genres. Combining them with 90’s electro-like beats, texts surfing on the wave of nightmarish lamentations and gaga vociferation in a copiously noisy and spasmodic electronic maelstrom. “The meal is composed of two Public Enemy meets Suicide like songs on a dadaist mood.” (sic). Also purveyor of electronic or instrumental sonorities in various projects such as La Race, Judas Donneger, Dalida, and in the past, Death To Pigs. Pavel’s discography stretches on a large fistful of labels, to name just a few, Gaffer Records, 213 Records, Et Mon Cul C’est Du Tofu?, and many more…

Gosia Bartosik is a Polish artist, graduated from the University of Fine Arts in Poznań, whose practice oscillates between painting, linocut, underground and activist street art and tattoo. Her work has been presented within the framework of solo and group exhibitions, recently on the walls of Le Petit Mignon’s parent house, the gallery-shop Staalplaat in Berlin. Gosia’s oeuvre flirts with both abstraction and illustration, often blowing away the boundaries between the human and the animal worlds, as portrayed in this new publication’s booklet and cards, where a horde of awake hieroglyphs and sweet beasts swarm in a cathartic and grizzled microcosm.

Spettro Family “Psychotic TV”
1. Psychotic TV
2. Moog Patrol
3. Vampire Hoover

Recorded & mixed by Stefano Iannone at Spectral Studios and edited by Steve Spettro at Haunted Studios, both in Salerno (Italy), 2014.

Spettro Familly plays analog synthesizers & electronics.
Thanks to Guillaume, Le Petit Mignon and Staalplaat.

Klaus Legal “PozorBed”
1. Warmbed
2. PozorPoupoup

Recorded, edited & mixed by MIM at Empire Digital in Schaerbeek (Belgium), 2014/2015.

Klaus Legal plays synthesizers, drum machine & voice.
Thanks to MIM and L’Amour Aux Mille Parfums, Guillaume, and my nightmares.