Glow In The Dark

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“Glow in the Dark is available in 250 copies limited edition vinyl format.

Glow in the Dark comes in a transparent special green/black splattered vinyl colour (looking very cool indeed), accompanied with colourful vivid graphic artwork by the artist. Musically it consists of 10 songs, 6 of which are brand new songs and 4 are songs from previous releases. So, the album could be regarded as a compilation, or at least a nice introduction to Spettro Family’s music universe. For those familiar with Spettro Family’s musical output, this album will be a nice surprise, as the new songs sound very fresh and have a synthwave direction, away from atmospheric darkness and towards an 80s nostalgia and positive mood. Nevertheless, the weird and unexpected music elements still exist (but in a less obvious way), judging from the “horror electronics” subtitle on the album cover.

The album starts with “Diapason”, a new track sounding very fresh and inviting, perfect for a starter. Next comes “The Giggler”, a new track with the same fresh sound featuring movie dialogue samples. Next comes “1978 La Fuga” one of Spettro Family’s best tunes, originally appearing in 2011 cassette album “Candelora”. Dark, moody and full of horror this two minute track is a classic! Next comes “Haunted Zurich”, a nice track from 2015 cassette album “Per Svegliare un Sonnambulo” and finally side A ends with “Brasov Black Biserica”, a reworked track from 2012 vinyl mini album “La Famiglia Spettro”, one of my favourite Spettro Family releases.

Side B starts with “Manhattan Baby”, again a well known song from 2015 cassette album “Per Svegliare un Sonnambulo” and continues with 4 new songs: “Glow in the Dark” sounding like a video game soundtrack, “Disco Sabba” featuring some treated vocals and a groovy danceable rhythm, then comes “Zordak” very melodic and nostalgic. Finally, the album ends with “Villa Sarina”, a haunted 4 minute slow paced track which might seem rather unfitting with the previous tracks, but is very characteristic of Spettro Family’s ghostly sounds and effects and makes a perfect ending to the album.

Glow in the Dark is Spettro Family’s first full length release and should be regarded as the band’s most accessible album, compared to their previous works released in various limited 7” vinyl and cassette formats.” –

A1. Diapason
A2. The Giggler
A3. 1978 La Fuga
A4. Haunted Zurich
A5. Brasov Black Biserica (New Intro)
B1. Manhattan Baby
B2. Glow In The Dark
B3. Disco Sabba
B4. Zordak
B5. Villa Sarina