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“GRAUTAG RECORDS is a collection of music which celebrates the dystopian landscapes of our globalised world. A kind of black and white psychedelia, produced not by hallucinogenic substances, but by that everyday sense of emptiness that can overcome you. The «grey days» music of this collection is finally simply the music of its time. A mixture of chaotic and temporally disparate influences, from experimental electro to post Krautrock and other things as yet unknown… Here, the drunken headiness of better days is definitely collapsed in the gutter, like, for example, those computers workstations and cathode screens abandoned on the sidewalk, just waiting for the crusher: no one really believes the stickers pasted on it by people who let it in the streets, saying : «in working order». Sounds that are dream-like, but under no illusions. «No future» has become a «no present» in our programmed obsolescence system, a state which looks, paradoxically, like it’s going to last. GRAUTAG deals with this kind of reality which continues to exist, even when we stop to believe in it. So, let’s see now with Ravi Shardja what will remain existing when you stop believing in it: somewhere deep in a jungle where tourists don‘t go anymore, in an endless conflict, hidden in those forgotten places. Asleep in some abandoned airplanes, fed with kebab leeches around campfire fuelled with trash. In the smoke sour with singing malaria insects, let‘s mingle our minds with the sizzling neon soaked with moisture. Please, don’t forget to update your Tetanus Vaccination before joining hotel «Holiday Out». Here, iron is wet.” (Nicolas Moulin)

All songs composed and performed by Ravi Shardja.
Ravi Shardja: Electric Bass, Guitar and Mandolin, kaput Yamaha mixing table, Chanting Box, Talometer, Tabla Box, Sruti Box, carnatic traverse flute, second hand Synthesizers, electronics, Revox trainer, bass boomer and terrestrial sphere.

Additional instruments: Jean-Marcel Busson played Electric Sitar on «Curry nelli occhi un‘acromatopsia momentanea» and Frédéric Rebotier played gender and saron on «Attaque sournoise du Kopassus à Wamena».

A1. Bombay Boobies Battle (16‘56“)
B1. Curry nelli occhi un‘acromatopsia momentanea (15‘20“)
C1. Attaque sournoise du Kopassus à Wamena (16‘40“)
D1. Gartenfest Fessenheim abgesagt (16‘41“)