The Newest Historic Site

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“Bersabea is a collaboration between Niko-Matti Ahti and Birgir Örn Jónsson. The music follows an open-ended inquiry. Improvisations, samples, voices, field recordings and other aural flotsam gets collaged into bite-size pop donuts, and vice versa. Niko-Matti and Birgir live in different countries in the northern hemisphere. The music is stitched together somewhere in between. Nothing is premeditated, nothing is arbitrary. Everything is playful, joy and terror abound. “The Newest Historic Site” is Bersabea’s first full length. Edition of 300 copies.”

A1. Lite Bulbs 4:10
A2. Water Table 2:20
A3. Close-Mouthed 2:51
A4. Recipe 1:54
A5. In Iki 3:30
B1. Belinda 3:49
B2. Chatter 3:29
B3. Knead It 2:25
B4. Two Tassels 5:14