Bald Eagle Over Food City

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“Bald Eagle Over Food City is a blurry zoomed-in photograph of a national bird soaring over a grocery store parking lot. It is an album of thirteen failed portraits attempting to distill the impossible essence of a place that is repeatedly deformed by displacement and extraction, quietly made invisible by milltown charm.

Bromp Treb is the solo project of noisemaker and filmmaker Neil ‘Cloaca’ Young, who has been performing and producing small-run releases under this moniker for some 20 years. For almost as long he’s been the percussionist for weirdo noise collective Fat Worm of Error, and collaborating in other units such as Carbus, Gloyd and Playbackers. Young co-directed Milford Graves Full Mantis with Jake Meginsky, as well as making many other obscure personal experimental films. He has lived in the village described in Bald Eagle Over Food City for the past 16 years and between the Connecticut and Hudson River Valleys his whole life.”

Edition of 250 copies. Comes with a risograph printed insert by L00kyHere.


A1. The Naming of Someplace or Something 4:27
A2. Mineral Hill Runway 1:38
A3. Running of the Lampreys 2:15
A4. Migratory Way 3:41
A5. Theme for Bald Eagle Over Food City 1:32
A6. Across the Parking Lot 4:36
A7. Chipped Pendulum 2:17
A8. First Light 1:41
B1. Empty River Omen 7:19
B2. Ghost Reunion at the Knife Factory 3:27
B3. A Logjam 6:58
B4. Slippery Gap Loop Sketch 3:32
B5. Upstream 1:45