New Galactic Windows 2

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Limited edition of 100 copies.
“NGW2 compilation tape is an unattached sequel to the first part of the series, that was released in 2014. Like its prequel, this compilation contains 60 minutes of previously unreleased music from 6 different artists/bands. The basis of the tracks was the name of the compilation, that each artist was given free hands to interpret in their own way. The end-result is a diverse collection of different tracks, that range from abstract representation to more straight-forward intonations and more rhythmical formations.”

A1. Pyloris Magic Mountain Drive
A2. Forces Midi Deviations
A3. Mesak Tilkku 1 (Edit)
B1. J. K. 4 / ∞
B2. IAX Lady Tulimeri
B3. Ilpo Numminen Rajatila (Osat 1&2)