Oeil Céleste

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“This record is the result of a collaboration between Astatine aka Stéphane Récrosio, head of the Orgasm label since 1994 and Ogrob aka Sébastien Borgo, member of Micro_pénis and L’Autopsie A Révélé Que La Mort Etait Due A L’Autopsie. 6 compositions, created in 2014, mixing Astatine’s noise experimentations in Paris and Ogrob’s field recordings and short waves in Sydney, Australia and Tasmania.

Astagrob. Astatine / Ogrob. Digital precision / Lo-fi fog. Junk sounds / Clean noise. Field recordings / Kitchen utensils. Collect / Rubbish tip. Northern hemisphere / Souther hemisphere. Astral / Holocaust. Table of the elements / Elements on the table. Postal card / Stamped cardboard. Oeil Céleste.

Mastered by Nicolas Marmin. Transparent 10”. 200 numbered copies. Cardboard cover by Ogrob. Postcard by Astatine.”