Hope Is A Mistake

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C80, red tape, limited to 100 copies with a special 8 page booklet.

Da Karimoon Niggaz were trapped on a micro island in the Java Sea , Indonesia. No Boat. They decided then to record one track a day with as only sources their field recordings of the day on the island. All are one live take on lo-fi equipment. You can feel the evolution of their stay, from tripping on nature sounds of the doomed island to anxiety, nervousness, until definitely losing hope when you just have a looped robot answering you on the phone. Enter the journey.

A1. Paradise & Hell Can Be The Same Thing 15:27
A2. What To Do When There’s Nothing To Do 14:47
A3. Wet Dangdud 3:25
A4. Some Things Are Just Meant To Be 6:32
B1. Rain Phobia Leads To Endless Wait 3:06
B2. Karaoke On Twak 5:14
B3. Ayam A Nasi Goreng 16:04
B4. Hope Is A Mistake 6:02