The Scale Of Things

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Distantly rooted in musique concrète, ”The Scale Of Things” discloses an uncanny, multilayered sonic universe of its own.

The seven compositions are based on the exploration of nature recordings for unheard details and hidden layers, focused on patterns of stochastic order and unique chaos created without musical intention. The harmony we hear is the harmony of overwhelming and collective uncertainty, because this nature is chaos.

Audio transformations that remain hidden, accompanied by modular synthesizers purposely blur most links to the “real” world, in favour of a strange and poetic realm, following the erratic patterns of nature.
Mesmerizing and disturbing at the same time, an ambivalent dualism emerges of a strange world that is dissolving and not dissolving. A world that can only be described by it’s surface. Expulsed from nature, as our brain is expulsed from nature.

Die Natur ist das einzige immerwährende Menschenunmögliche. Robert Schwarz

A1. Drift Following The Seam
A2. In The Flat Field
A3. Frost
A4. Self-Propelled-Sound-Particles
B1. With The Witch
B2. Mabalel
B3. From Surface Downwards