Soul Moth

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“The Parels (Jim Goodall and Eddie Ruscha) are back with a new LP of morphing 5th world psychotropic music. All manner of bizarre forms take shape and shift throughout the proceedings journeying through exotic psych, swamp funk, musique concrete, and acoustic miniatures all held together by a biomorphic DNA strand that resides somewhere in a subterranean alien cocoon.”
Edition of 216.


A1. A Crone In Miniature 1:32
A2. Miracle Of Inconsequence / A White Moth 3:12
A3. Ocean Of Honey 4:29
A4. A Dropped Pencil 4:38
A5. Indelicate Desire 1:51
A6. Feathered Legs 2:06
A7. Living Compass 0:56
A8. Intelligent Design Theory 2:55
B1. An Explosion Of Soil 3:25
B2. Dark Arches 2:53
B3. Soul Moth 2:00
B4. Pyramidal Orchid 3:30
B5. Tear Apart The Stars 3:10
B6. The Queen Rat 4:00
B7. Multiple Eyes 3:50