The Golden Years

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“‘If Morton Feldman, John Cage and David Tudor had formed a rock band, they might have sounded a bit like this.’ (Peter Marsh/BBC)

Restraint is a key word in the Trapist musical vocabulary which is no wonder as the group’s name relates to the Trappist fraternity whose devotion is demonstrated by their silence. Whereas on previous albums the group often relied on drastic editing and melodic ornamentation in order to escape restraint, ‘The Golden Years’ displays a newly gained maturity which is breath taking: Trapist bring the attack and release game to a climax never heard before. Sharp shocks of black and white with some golden silence in between.

Drawing from both a wide variety of influences ranging from space rock to improvised minimal music, and from folk-influenced psychedelia to noise as well as the members’ numerous collaborations the band has managed to establish an unique ensemble sound defying categorization, blending both acoustic and electronic instruments as well as blurring the gaps between improvisational music and pre-structured forms. Their blend of sparse improvisation and delicate electronics is a welcome and refreshing change for fans of electronic and free music of all types.”

A1. The Gun That’s Hanging On The Kitchen Wall 8:22
A2. The Spoke And The Horse 10:43
B3. Pisa 5:39
B4. Walk These Hills Lightly 14:14