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“Avarus IV starts where the Rasvaaja LP ended. The IV, too, consists of Tomas Regan’s careful high-quality recordings. On the IV Avarus makes and even longer dive in the warm and clear pond, into which the water is poured from both kraut and space rock, and from micro music and slapstick. The recording was made after the US tour, which guarantees the firm harmony satisfying the most demanding listeners. The delicate talent and the hilarious team spirit guarantee a record full of heart-warming harmonies and surprising turns delighting an unprejudiced mind. The wondrous adult rock of Avarus is born from an uncompromising love for music. The finished recording deserved a fantastic cover, too. This in mind, the graphic visionaries Amanda Vähämäki and Pauliina Mäkelä spent their summer holidays swimming, drinking beer, and drawing their kaleidoscopic Davy Crockett epos inspired by music.”

A1. IV A 13:59
B1. IV B 14:27