Clone Dinner

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“Clone dinner balls grey humour, keyboard hard rock and a fading world melancholia (observed fear?) into eleven tracks on a 36 minute Base. In a harsh way this is a protest call to your inner beings. A quest for a way off this earth and its current standards and finally a means to die along with it. If you would clone dinner we would all have dinner.”
Innercity are: Hans Dens, Bart De Paepe, Eva Tourné, Ignace De Bruyn, David Colohan.
Limited edition of 60 hand-numbered copies.

A1. Las Palmas
A2. Archers For Love
A3. The Apes Of Armahesos
A4. A Fountain Source
A5. Dystropia
A6. Hololand
B1. Plastic Clouds
B2. Moonbath
B3. Clone Dinner
B4. The Glue Buildings Of Love And Laser Life
B5. Flfvfn