Dragon’s Head And Dragon’s Tail

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“In the far mythic north, Sindre Bjerga discovered the dictaphone. Little did he know that the dictaphone really was a time traveling device. Recording the northern lights and a tango onto the dictaphone and using cutups, he split the fabric of the time space continuum. Stopping for a beer, he grinned and thought to himself, “Maybe I should use this to take Horton back in time to the 1940s Europe to the beginning of the magic of musique concrete, the birth of electro-acoustics.” This could create a temporal feedback loop that might save humankind from destruction. He used that retro form of communication, email, to contact Horton. Horton quickly got aboard the dictaphone and together they conjured Schaeffer, Ligeti, Ferrari, and jumping into the 60s, Fahey. These spirits were an unruly bunch and we had to give them the rest of our six pack. But it was worth it as they blessed the dragon’s head and tail. Boarding the dictaphone, we sailed over and beyond the fog-hidden Golden Gate Bridge.”
Edition of 60 copies.

A1. Piano Isolation 12/12/11
A2. Splendid Acceleration Drone 12/13/11
A3. Anastomosis Tango? 12/16/11
A4. Last Instant Before Death 12/19-20/11
B1. From A Book Of Pages, Page 33 12/20/11
B2. Adronal Music 2 12/21/11
B3. Dragon’s Head And Dragon’s Tail 12/24/11
B4. Density Arch (Stavanger To El Cerrito) 12/25/11