Slices Of The Old Continent – Liberia

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“Slices of the old continent: … who are we to sell freedom to the free…
The Liberia remix follows a different perspective. You are free to choose the focal point of the mix, your position of listening. Observing the lives of the African people from our comfortable Western positions or truly grasping the harshness of their realities is as different as the contrast between a beautiful song and an act of aggression. The state of things really depends on the position you are observing it from…Samples originate from field recordings recorded in Liberia.
Liberia it is part of the series Slices of the old continent, Samples originate from field recordings; recorded in different areas of Africa. The idea evolved slowly through listening to hours and hours of traditional field recordings from the African continent and becoming more and more deeply aware of the gap between the beauty of this sonic art and therefore the beauty of the souls creating it, and real life where all this beauty and souls are exposed to exploitation.

The manipulation of everyday life, the absence of peace, the exploitation of natural resources, underpaid labour – a tenet of modern capitalism, the unbridled control of the politics and the media as well as keeping this part of the world underdeveloped and highly dependent are the misdeeds we all in the Western world have a share in. Our privileges, resources and technology rely on hard labour and waging wars in order to provide for our needs and the profits of the wealthy few. Stealing and destroying has been and remains the high art of modern civilisation. It is therefore also an ingrained part of the series.”

Brgs: sampling, processing
Mixed by: Brgs
Mastered by Jure Gruden
Cover design by: Brgs