Waking Into Sleep – Goeteborg, 27.05.06

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“A warm and gentle breeze of enchantment suddenly blows through our minds and senses; it´s the music of a very beautiful human being bearing the name of James Blackshaw.

Rainbows glimmer in a distance and the dandelions sing harmony. 4 original compositions for 12 string acoustic guitar by James Blackshaw, recorded live in concert in Göteborg, late may 2006.

The lucky people who visited the performance all glowed merrily afterwards. Buy this cd and we promise; you will glow too!”
2nd edition, limited to 800 handmade copies.

1. Sunshrine 16:24
2. Celeste I 8:39
3. Transient Life In Twilight 9:12
4. Spiralling Skeleton Memorial 7:42