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“Hailing from the Langi tribe of Lira, Northern Uganda, legendary local griot Ekuka Morris Sirikiti performs his music in various situations – festivities, market days, and other gatherings – on a homemade foot/drum contraption coupled with the Lukeme; a small, handheld thumb piano that produces flurries of metallic rhythm-melody under deft digits, and is maybe best known as an Mbira in its heavily distorted use by the DRC’s amazing Konono Nº1, as well as myriad other recordings from the vast Central and East African region.

Entirely comprising home recordings of the original radio broadcasts made on various devices, the music on ‘Ekuka’ is understandably distorted to differing degrees, resulting a broad spectrum of fidelities that are both unavoidable and inherent to the music, its reception, and its perception by those who didn’t catch the broadcast as it happened. Even with Matt Colton’s mastering, the selections, drawn from 25 years of archived tapes, are thrillingly squashed, thistly and awash with ferric particles, and are intended to be received in the same way they were originally: without gloss or affectation; as direct fire to ears. ”

A1. Pwan En Obalo Gum Waa
A2. Aruba Iwi An/Dyere Adako Omako
A3. Wilo Koti Me Kwalo Orango
B1. Pwoc Bot Lira Dpi Miyo Pikipiki
B2. Jo Ame Aparo Loc
B3. Acoc Acoc Twol Iye Akayi
C1. Omaro Cil Pacu
C2. Kwon Otino Anyira
C3. English Record
D1. Peko Me Kin Calo
D2. In Balonyo For Ayinet
D3. PQ