Selected Recordings Of Bayaka Music: “Song From The Forest: The Soundtrack”

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“This is the soundtrack album to the film “Song from the Forest”, which tells the story of Louis Sarno, an American who has lived for thirty years among the Bayaka pygmies in the Central African Republic. No outsider has had such access to this beautiful and musical culture, and this selection of the best of his recordings presents the sounds of this amazing people and their environment with a depth and richness never heard before.

“Through Louis Sarno’s recordings, Bayaka music has become famous around the world. I first spoke to Louis about his endeavours in the mid-nineties when I was putting together “The Book of Music and Nature”, which included some of his work. When I heard he was still down there, twenty years later, and that a film was being made about his life, I knew I wanted to help.

Central to Bayaka music is a sonic integration with the rhythms and melodies of the forest itself. We have tried to include selections from the vast archive that highlight the ways the human sounds fit into the natural sounds, as an inspiration for how human life as a whole might better be part of our surrounding environment, our true home.” (David Rothenberg)”

1. Yeyi-Greeting 4:30
2. Women Sing In The Forest 4:55
3. Tree Drumming 3:08
4. Bobé Spirits Calling 5:53
5. Bayaka Night Insects 4:52
6. Louis Sarno Speaks 2:32
7. The Flutes We Hear No More 5:12
8. Net Hunt 3:00
9. Earth Bow 2:09
10. Geedal 2:28
11. Flute In Forest 5:16
12. Water Drumming 2:55
13. Lingboku Celebration 5:36
14. Moukouté’s Lament 1:52
15. Yeyi-Farewell 5:32