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Ingrid Schmoliner: prepared piano, voice.
Elena Kakaliagou: French horn, vocals.

“Corvo Records’ new LP + download release NABELÓSE shows Austrian prepared piano virtuoso and yodeller INGRID SCHMOLINER and the French horn player ELENA KAKALIAGOU from Greece, putting their hands and voices on traditional folk music from both countries.

Ingrid Schmoliner moves between the genres of new music, improvised music, free jazz, and folk music. Teaming up with the member of Zeitkratzer, RANK Ensemble, PARA, and Zinc & Copper Elena Kakaliagou, they form a Duo that creates dark interpretations of ancient songs and tales from mountains and the sea.

The LP comes with download code and in lavish gatefold cover!”

A1. To Be Given Up / Γιάννη μου το μαντήλι σου 13:28
A2. Frau Im Berg 8:11
B1. Goldgefüllter Lippenrand 5:08
B2. Schlangenfrau 6:23
B3. Nabelóse / Βάρκα μου μπογιατισμένη 10:31