À L’Approche Du Feu Meditant

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Theater music for a sound and visual ceremonial: a tribute to the Goddess of the light, the sun, and the stars…

This work was commissioned by the National Theater of Japan (Kokuritsu-Gekijô).

For twenty seven instrumentalists from the Gagaku Orchestra (divided in three separate ensembles); two choruses of Buddhist monk singers (Shômyo singing traditional school – Tendai and Shingon sects: divided in four separated ensembles, with four monk singer soloist voices); six percussionists; five Bugaku dancers.

First world performance:
Tokyo, National Theater of Japan (Kokuritsu-Gekijô), 30 Septembre 1983.

Tokyo-Gakuso ensemble.
Imperial Court Gagaku members.
Shingon and Tendai sect Buddhist monks.
Bugaku dancers of the National Theatre of Japan.

Part I
“Le regard vers la conscience contemplative” / “Towards contemplative awareness”
(Les nuances de la lumière et son spectre / The changing shades of light)
about 50′

Part II
“l’Appel vers le mouvement des choses” / “Beckoned by the movement of things”
(Le cycle solaire : matin, midi, soir / The solar cycle: morning, noon, evening)
about 20′

Part III
“Le cheminement à travers les mondes” / “Progressing through worlds”
(l’Infini des galaxies, des constellations, et des amas d’étoiles / The infinity of the galaxies, the constellations, and the star clusters)
about 80′