Always Yours

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“Mumdance and Logos’ Different Circles imprint are proud to present the first artist album to be released on the label, from the Italian producer Chevel.

Over the nine tracks of Always Yours, Chevel presents his most focused and realised vision yet, capturing the spirit of the signature weightless sound of the label, but filtered through a unique and deeply personal house and techno prism. The results occupy a hazy interspace somewhere between Lee Gamble, Logos and Actress.

In The Call, the lead track from the album, Chevel summons the spirit of hypnotic minimal techno and late 90s UK sound system music in what could be one of the standout dancefloor weapons of 2018. Tracks like Arp 2600 and Data Recovery traverse hypnotic rolling terrain and sit in juxtaposition to radical pointillist exercises in Bullet and Dem Drums. A third strand of ambient textures – including the stand-out impressionist study One Evening in July – weave a subtle thread through the work.”

1. One Evening In July
2. The Call
3. Bullet
4. Arp 2600
5. Warming Bath
6. Data Recovery
7. Dem Drums
8. Underwater
9. Always Yours