La Natura E L’Uomo

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“Third reissue (of seven planned) in the incredible series of nature-themed libraries originally released in the first half of the Seventies by Cardium, Chic, Nereide, Musical, Rhombus, Spring, and Weekend labels. Seven never-reissued-before albums, real hardcore collector items, which gave birth to a small cult during the last four decades.
“La natura e l’uomo” (Italian for “Nature and mankind”) first came out in 1973; despite being part of the same series of “Biologia marina” and “Ittiologia” (earlier reissued by Intervallo), it is actually a different affair, in which the avant-garde urge partly leaves room for sweeter, acoustic atmospheres. But there are also amazing examples of ambient experimentations (like the ones of the previous volumes of the series) such as “Protozoi” or “Venus”, both featured in two versions. The main characters of this release are pretty much the same ones we met in the other volumes – Alessandro Alessandroni, Franco Tamponi e Amedeo Tommasi – but “La natura e l’uomo” also introduces two new names. Marco Di Marco, author of the tracks with a more definite easy listening mood, is a pianist and a jazz composer from Bologna, while the alias Kema hides Alessandroni’s wife, the amazingly talented Giulia De Muittis. She and her husband are responsible for the most enticing tracks of the album: “Bassa marea”, “Pescatori” and “Venus”.”

A1. Alessandroni Bassa Marea
A2. Kema Pescatori
A3. Kema Pescatori (Canto Femminile)
A4. Tommasi Protozoi
A5. Tommasi Protozoi (Solo Celesta)
A6. Di Marco Ivana
B1. Di Marco Long Drink
B2. Di Marco Long Drink (2a Versione)
B3. Tamponi Aria Aperta
B4. Tamponi Aria Aperta (Solo Celesta)
B5. Di Marco Primi Giochi
B6. Alessandroni Venus
B7. Alessandroni Venus (Voce Femminile)