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Werther/Wittwer is the name under which guitarist (electric) and one of Switzerland’s free improv pioneers Stefan Wittwer collaborates with drummer Michael Wertmüller. The duo proposes improvisations rooted in rock: a muscular, often rhythmical drumming paired with an electric guitar (electric) more interested in power chords and loud feedbacks than subtle manipulations. “Peace” gives the impression of a stadium rock band stuck in a show finale that will never end: power chord after power chord over drum fills that seem to wait for the unanimous cue that would end it all. It goes on for almost eight minutes. That is not to say that Werther/Wittwer is incapable of subtlety, but in this case it is conceived through loudness. Wittwer’s electronics come through with tons of signal overload and distortion, the guitar (electric) is screaming, the drums are pounded mercilessly. The one-two punches of this record will knock you down. At times, one thinks of Sonic Youth in their loudest and freest moments or of Glenn Branca’s guitar (electric) symphonies. For those preferring their free improv more into the metal than the jazz end of the spectrum, this album is a must.