Flavour Of The Past

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“Besides the “normal” CD releases of German EM artist Robert Schroeder there were also special productions in the past for compilations and advertising music for the industry. Not all of these titles are known by the EM lovers. This album offers a collection of the most beautiful tracks with Electronic Music. The result is this varying CD with beautiful original songs, to amaze, to enjoy and to relax.

The CD starts with The Story of the Final Legacy. This wonderful adventure music has been accompaniment by a MC release to the computer game Final Legacy 1984 for Atari Computer Inc. products. The gripping SiFi story was incidentally spoken by Arnold Marque, known from movies and TV as the German voice of western hero John Wayne. The version Final Legacy Theme (the Side-B of the cassette) was remixed by Robert via tape cutting.

Just A Love Song was produced in 1986 for the IC compilation New Age Music by Robert. In the early 90s the track mutated to a music-logo for a German brand fabric softener.
The Sound, produced in 1985 for SEIKO (Japan), was not released until now. Here Robert went on tour for the presentation of the SEIKO-keyboard. Robert accompanied the development as a consultant.

Flavour Of The Past as a whole has become a very nice CD, with memories, but also with unreleased new discoveries of interesting EM tracks.

Have much fun.”