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Limited Numbered Edition /250
Silkscreened (silver and gold) black carboard sleeve.

Karst brings together three musicians/percussionists/improvisors, playing in a fusional, abstract, eletro acoustic way, and voice/text/word/sound. This LP, third publication of the ensemble, grows around the theme/word “corps” (body). On the first side, the Abstral Compost’s random text is put in regard of the improvised speech by Vincent Barras (facinating character, speaker, medicine historian, sound poet, Cage’s translator, sound anthologist, etc).
Karst present as well in 2012 a sound theatre play, “Besoin modeste assiette plate”, around Samuel Ernest Daibe’s outsider writings.
Cyril Bondi and d’incise team together since years, mainly with their duo Diatribes. Luc Müller is involved in the Lausanne based collective Rue du Nord. Abstral Compost oscillates between sound poetry and wild rap with the Labrats Bugband.

Contact Microphone – Luc Müller
Feedbacks – d’incise
Objects – Cyril Bondi, Luc Müller, d’incise
Percussion – Cyril Bondi, Luc Müller, d’incise
Text By – Abstral Compost, Vincent Barras
Voice – Abstral Compost, Vincent Barras