The Myth Of Persistence Of Vision Revisited

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“Schick plays on both turntable, objects, gongs, bows, looper/pitcher and percussion. With Belfi he has been playing concerts since 2008, in which Belfi plays drums, percussion, gongs, nord modulator, looper and feedback. Its a meeting of two ends of the improvising spectrum. In the left corner is Schick who loves things to be drone like, electro-acoustic and who is never shy of a bit of a noise, whereas in the right corner we find the sparse playing of Belfi which is a curious mixture of (post-) rock, minimalism and ambience. It works quite well, I must say. Belfi lays down his ‘easy going’ playing, adding perhaps the more ‘melodic aspect’ of the playing, while Schick provides with stretched out tonalities in which Belfi’s playing seem to float around, as in weightless space. A fine collision of interests: Belfi’s sparse drumming versus Schick’s love of drone like textures and electro-acoustic adventures. A highly controlled disc of some great interaction.” Vital Weekly