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“Micromanic is a single sided-10” record passed to translucent purple vinyl with a screen-printed b-side. Includes handmade artwork, liner notes, photograph, and download code. Numbered editions of 300.

Micromanic is a colossal slab of percussive energy composed and performed by Berlin based Matti Gajek. Micromanic begins with tentative steps, which soon morph into a chattering electronic birdsong before giving way to an assertive, hammering bassline. The structure eventually crumbles into discordant noise and echoes, eventually giving way to something gentler and almost bucolic. Gajek weaves a complex and varied narrative with absolute technical aplomb, resulting in an experimental and hypnotic recast of Krautrock. Gajek is signed to Monkeytown Records and recently toured with Chris Clark. He is also a member of the freshly formed New Composers Collective (NCC) together with Andi Toma, Jan St. Werner and Michael Rauter.”