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Split: Harald Sack Ziegler, F.S. Blumm

“After their highly acclaimed cd releases on Tom and Gefriem labels Sack (Cologne) and Blumm (Berlin) are back on vinyl with “2×5“, and present themselves as solo musicians, each having recorded one side of this 10” mini album.

Blumm’s side is an adventurous collage of loops, rhythms and melodies, arranged in the style of a radio play and echoing the sound world of Sack & Blumm’s previous duo work. Sack’s five tracks are classic examples of his unique toy techno goes dada pop style.

“Welcome to the wonderful world of Sack und Blumm. Better known to their old folks as Harald Sack Ziegler & Frank Schültge. Often referred to as a threesome working enterprise: Harald in Cologne, Frank in Berlin with the German postal service shipping their ideas back and forth, S&B take usual song structures and translate them into unlikely arrangements. Music at once sophisticated with naïve folk themes set against digital fragments and acoustic instrumentation. Top ten music for the next generation. Open minded music for the future. Love it as your own.”