Supernova Party People

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“To all party people out there! Listen to the signals!
Electronic instruments from now and then are calling out to you out of the galactic depths of Silent Signals’ second album.
On “Supernova”, the Roland and Korg sound range of the 80s unfold side by side with the Doepfer sounds of today, while melancholic vocals ever reaching out for cheerfulness tell us of cosmic primal forces, human emotions and human destruction.
EINS:ZWEI:ACHT is ready to spread the news through space.
Come out and dance with us on the interstellar dance-floor!”

A1. No One Nowhere 4:20
A2. Rockets In The Sky 4:08
A3. Circuits Of Agony 4:09
A4. Dancing The Fog 4:15
A5. Release My Fears 3:57
B1. Supernova Party People 3:26
B2. Dark Love 3:59
B3. Cosmic Shadows 3:27
B4. Dying Pulsar 4:48
B5. Our Friendship 4:07