Musically Massive

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“Taking a break from the daily grind of New York City last year, beatmaker David Last (The Agriculture, Goosehound, Unfoundsound) found himself living for a few weeks near a beach in Sydney, Australia. Having spent two years making club music almost exclusively, he was ready to lay back into the influence of dancehall reggae’s slower tempos. Vocals were a natural choice.
For several years now, MC Zulu’s unique dancehall vocals have been gracing tracks by the likes of Kool Keith, DJ C and Ghislain Poirier. A referral from grime-bounce mashup king Jake “DJ C” Trussell led to an email exchange between Dominique Rowland aka MC Zulu in Chicago, and David in Sydney. In 14 hours, David and Zulu had completed their first track via email. The track was good enough that there was only one thing to do – make a whole album.”