Domenica / Novembre

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tu m’ was established in 1998, in Città Sant’ Angelo (Pescara, ITALY). Basically it is a trio dedicated at electroacoustic, electronic, plunderphonic, minimalism, jazz, glitch and pop…
Since 2001 the group has released for the Cut, Aesova, Grain of Sound, BOXmedia and Apestaartje. At the moment the group counts just two of the three starting members: Rossano Polidoro (b.1970) and Emiliano Romanelli (b.1979) who are now working for the FatCat (mp3),12K/term., Phthalo, Fällt, ERS, Rossbin, Ooze.bâp, techNOH, Microsound Project… Other collaborations are with Steve Roden and Kim Cascone… Within the visual art field the tu m’ is carrying out a few video installations to be showed for Italian and foreign exhibitions, as well as cooperating for the sound-design with video-artist like Bianco & Valente and Cane CapoVolto.
tu m’ are the curators of the web label tu M’p3 and of the Mr.Mutt records. The name – tu m’ – come from a painting of M.Duchamp
domenica, novembre, days, months, improvisations, compositions, easy listening, glitch, noise, pop, hip-hop, happiness, problematics situations, silence, afternoon, nature, games, microsound, not microsound, jokes, concrete music, scratches, instruments, laptop crackers, rhythm and soul, winters, waters, nights, food, springs etc… is not a diary but only a trip of one day or of one month.