Random Numbers Split Series Vol. 2

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C50, clear case, colour cover laser print on 200g paper, white cassette with printed label on each side. Limited edition of 100 copies.

“The second volume of Random Split Numbers comes out. A cross section of the best Italian experimental artists, released in 5 volumes.
Each artist has been given the space of a single side C50 cassette, in which they could express their music freely, without compromise.
Volume 2 is entrusted to Gattobus and Bartolomeo Sailer. The idea of a trip characterizes this second volume: Life for Gattobus and Interstellar for Sailer. Proietti guide the listener through the spiral of life, along a path of multiple cycles until the spiritual essence is rich enough to transcend the flesh. In music terms this was conceived into a succession of gentle rhythmic harmonic progressions, artfully modulated.
For Bartolomeo instead, the cue is the sound design of action movies, to create amazing foyer in spaceships, paradoxical and unknown environments.
He wants to give musical dignity to this underground work, creating a fully digital song where he imagines the passage near a pulsar star. The 2 sides of this second volume are one the opposite of the other: modular vs. Digital, melody vs. Noise, Yin vs. Yang.”