Channel #9

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“Channel#9 collects five tracks of free flowing techno from Italy’s Ascion. A talent who has graced labels like 3TH and Repitch, this EP balances floor fervour with subtle warm washes and colder echoes. The lulling wonders of “Anhatolia” hark back to a time of dreamlike ambience, that calm turning frosty in the early morning light of “Illusorium.” Those arctic currents become knifelike in the jagged thump and bitter acid barbs of “Doubledpang” But the rasp never turns too venomous. “Fraxtile” and “Cybbar” are from a similarly murky place, reducing some of the throbbing pound to allow melting melodies to shift and swirl. Spirited and soulful with just a hint of serpentine. Limited to 250 coloured copies in a printed sleeve with a photo by the Dutch Photographer Awoiska van der Molen.”