Banabila & Mens

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12-inch 180 gram mixed colour solid white & solid silver vinyl.
A special limited luxe edition of 200 pressings.
Comes in a full colour matte outer sleeve and a full colour gloss inner sleeve. Artwork & design by Gerco de Ruijter.
Three tracks from ZoomWorld (digital release) and one exclusive track.
All tracks were remastered by Earlabs Mastering / Jos Smolders.

MOUSIQUE.NL The Radbound & Bilaa remix of In Other Words leaves little of the soundscape-like original (from Banabila’s 2011 album of the same name), or rather: transforms the song to a completely different level. The minimal beats, cutting snarls and crackling side sounds make it a fat techno track, but of a layering that you rarely hear. This is impressive both on the dance floor and on the headphones. The second track on side A contains fragments of 47 Voice Loops (in which Banabila has arranged his own voice in 47 different layers into a stacked composition of the human voice. In the Radbound & Bilaa remix, this soundtrack is gradually taken over by a pumping techno beat. On the other side first Light Is Everywhere (also from Zoomworld), which starts in tune (ambience, piano) and is slowly built up to yet again a solid beat. Finally, Timestamp (the only new song), which starts cacophonously and then starts running an irresistible acid-like bass line; the song is pretty trancey, in the good sense of the word. Banabila and Mens have both more than earned their spurs in the world of electronic music, but here again show that they are capable of great things together. The sum in this case is absolutely more than the parts, and then the EP (which can be ordered for a more than reasonable price via bandcamp) is also pressed on glossy white vinyl and beautifully designed by Gerco De Ruijter. This is really a must-have. You can of course download the excellent Zoomworld digitally, but if you have a record player you do yourself a favour and buy that vinyl. If necessary, you hang it on your wall as a work of art, it is also possible. DJ Mousique