Machinarium Soundtrack

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2017 repress on black vinyl.

“The music is also some of the best I’ve ever heard in a game. It’s a subtle electronic soundscape that constantly shifts between making the player uneasy and calm.” IGN

A1. The Bottom 5:30
A2. The Sea 3:54
A3. Clockwise Operetta 3:54
A4. Nanorobot Tune 3:07
A5. The Mezzanine 2:15
A6. By The Wall 5:04
B1. Mr. Handagote 3:17
B2. Gameboy Tune 4:37
B3. The Furnace 2:58
B4. The Black Cap Brotherhood Theme 1:50
B5. The Prison 2:34
B6. The Glasshouse With Butterfly 3:36
B7. The Castle 3:37
B8. The Elevator 3:20