Hypehunt – Random Numbers Split Series Vol. 5

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Limited edition of 100 C50 cassettes.

“The fifth and final volume of Random Numbers Split Series is released. A split of the most experimental Italian scene in 5 volume. To each artist is assigned a side of a C50 cassette, in which to let the music speak without compromises. Volume 5 is entrusted to Attilio Novellino and Collin McKelvey.

The latest issue of the Split Series wants to be a bridge to future Random Numbers publications. In this case the two artists involved instead of dividing the two sides of the cassette decided to merge their productions into a collaboration.
Started in 2014, the collaboration between Attilio Novellino and Collin McKelvey produced two albums: Hypehunt and Mètaphisiques Cannibales. Sons of the same approach, shared by similar sound sources and similar compositional techniques, the two works find in the different suggestions around which they are made, the specificity that allows them to grasp its essence, autonomous and complementary at the same time.
Where in Mètaphisiques Cannibales is staged “the perverse theatre where the other is always represented and invented”, or otherwise altered through determined cultural devices that do not allow real knowledge, Hypehunt pays attention to the contrasts existing between the different speeds through which you can travel through the temporal dimension, live the contemporary music space. Using elements that conform to dominant aesthetics, work in accordance with some of the mainstream paradigms, is an artistic choice or a self-defence mechanism used to cope with the hierarchical and competitive dynamics of a more saturated and crowded underground music space? Acoustic instruments, analogue synthesizers, modular synthesizers, tape recordings, magnetic and found-sounds have been used in composite compositing, mixing and editing typical of concrete music, combined, through different steps with electronic processing and granular synthesis. Hypehunt follows the path that ideally combines the experimental music properly mentioned, the one that dates back to the 1950s, to contemporary electronics, the debut of instances and stylistic figures and cultures matured at the turn of the eighties and nineties, well perceivable in the disc.”