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“Hit Gib’s debut cassette is a relentless amalgam of shifting rhythmic structures and asymmetrical bursts of charged surf aberrations wired together with impressionistic post-bleach-funk elegance.

Hit Gib are a Berlin-based instrumental trio, that stays within certain boundaries by transcending them.
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A1. Hit Gib-Boiled Over Matches 05:03
A2. Hit Gib-Egg Function 02:48
A3. Hit Gib-Springpfuhl Mystery Cult 05:03
A4. Hit Gib-Crowd Flare 02:00
B1. Hit Gib-Herbst Im TV 03:14
B2. Hit Gib-Legendary Scratch Bubbles 03:08
B3. Hit Gib-Mind Mound 05:27
B4. Hit Gib-Call The Cops 01:54